Charles Sims, Feather Painter

Wildlife and Indian art painted on turkey feathers


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Cock of the Walk

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Cock of the Walk

In the spring of 1956, our family moved from my grandparents farm to the outskirts of Headland. We rented a house from Mr. Joe Parrish. This particular Saturday, mom was cleaning and dad was off with uncle Tex fishing. They left it up to Wayne, who was ten, to look after me and Benny. I guess for a while he did pretty well, but since he was all macho man, we had to head off t...

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The Mighty Oak

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Apple trees produce apples, orange trees produce oranges, pecan trees produce pecans. Cherry trees produce cherries & Walnut trees produce wall nuts. So why do Oak trees produce acorns? Shouldn't they produce oakrons? Or maybe change the name of Oak to Acorn.


Jefferson Island Salt

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In 1957 I visited my cousins in Pinckard, Alabama. It was a typical small southern town with nothing much to do , but walk around and try to stay in the shade. As I rounded the front of the store, I saw a sight that was completely alien to me. There was a man painting a sign on the side of the building. I did not know that anything could be done like that. I thought all work had to be done in the fields. These men traveled the coun...

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Guy Walton Carlile

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My grandfather worked hard all of his life, mostly in the row crop business. He had always had a few cows in the pasture at the bottom of his property. Later in life he relaxed on the row crops and took a bigger interest in the cattle. Just beside his house he fenced in three or four acres and put in thirty or forty yearlings. To fatten cattle up you have to feed them a lot of protein. All that feed has ...

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This is a 20'x10' metal sign for ronnie's Mens and Boys wear in Cowarts, Alabama.  The Levi's panel can be removed and another brand applied to it,  This was done by my shop C & S Signs in Cowarts.  334-792-8273

Twenty to Life

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Dick was overcome with gloom as the sun dipped below the prison wall. The light reflecting off the razor wire was brilliant. This was the closest thing to a sunset that he had seen in years. Even though the sun had disappeared, it was not dark. Daylight would hang around for another forty five minutes. That old stone wall was so high it blocked the sun in the prison yard. Unlike the outside, it would get dark inside the yard twice.

In h...

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Red bird painted onto turkey feather with acrylic paint.

Red Buffalo

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This bull bison is separated from the herd and close to the enemy, but he does not seem to concerned.  Painted turkey feather, leather, teepee, sunset, horns

Mama Bear

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Now pay attention, you may not get another chance.  This is a turkey feather painting that I did with acrylic paint.