Charles Sims, Feather Painter

Wildlife and Indian art painted on turkey feathers


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Mountain Man

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This is a cedar piece that I carved of a mountain man

Relaxed Coon

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This is a cedar carving I just finished of a coon relaxing on his back.

Good Catch

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This is a small tertiary tail feather from a turkey in southeast Alabama, near the Georgia line.  I painted it with acrylic paints.


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As the smoke cleared, I reached over and picked up my severed leg off the blood soaked sand. What the hell was I thinking. For years I had tried to quit drinking, albeit not wholeheartedly. This night started out like many others before. A few quick drinks during the day, coming faster near dusk, and downright racing after dark. As with most drunks, I liked to associate with other drunks. When we all got together, there was no end to trouble.

Bill had a place in the country away from neighbors and judgemental onlookers. We all chipped in and bought a hog from a local farmer. Most of us grew up on a farm during a time when you butchered your own meat, so we were well versed in preparing a hog for roasting. We hung the hog up by his hind feet and stuck him in the neck. He squealed and thrashed as the blood poured from his arteries, and covered everything within a ten foot radius.

We had dug a pit and filled it with wood that we sat on fire. When the wood turned to hot coals, we covered them with a layer of dirt. Wrapping the hog in burlap and green leaves we put him over the coals and covered him with dirt. He was to cook this way for several hours. Having done this several times, we knew that we were in for a treat. However we all drank more than usual this night. Also there were some young drunks there that were new to our group. Unbeknownst to us they had planted some cherry bombs and M-80's under the dirt. The more we drank the hotter the fireworks became.

All of a sudden, one of them exploded, then another. It sounded as if a young war was taking place. We all scattered in the dark, scared shitless, not knowing where we were going. All of a sudden I hit a slick spot in the sand and went head over heels. When I landed and got my senses back, the smoke was clearing. I looked around and knew that I was stuck in the blood soaked sand where we had butchered the hog. The excitement had been too much for the straps holding my leg on and they snapped, allowing my artificial leg to be covered in hog's blood. I am going to have to quit drinking or get a stronger leg.

Old Mountain Man

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I am really enjoying the carving of these cedar pieces.  If some one does not purchase one soon I will have to sign them up for food stamps.


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This is a hard frustrating day and I will be glad to get it over with. This sign that I am working on is difficult to complete and nothing is going right on it, What else can go wrong? As if to answer my unspoken question, the front entrance alarm goes off. By the time I get to the office door, it quits. As I step into the office, I can see that the customer is agitated by the noise. "May I help you?" I ask. "Yeah," he snaps, "give me all your money!" I could see the 45 in his right hand.

The seriousness of the situation escaped me for a fleeting moment and I laugh at his ignorance. "I don't have any money here, everybody pays me with a check." This pisses him off and he pulls the trigger. The shock and pressure of the explosion and bullet knocks me back and onto the floor. As he comes around the counter, the half door slams shut behind him. I can see the torn sneakers and smell the foot odor emanating from the tears. He rolls me over and removes my wallet. It's going to be hell getting another drivers license. He doesn't take time to look inside, if he did he would shoot me again, for there was no money there.

I hear the front door alarm as he leaves. By now the pain is sharp and intense in my chest. The only good thing is that I fell near the phone. If I only had one of those pendants I would just mash the button. I try several times to reach the phone, but it is just out of reach. Finally, I get hold of the cord and drag the receiver down. As I get it to my ear I hear, "Hello Mr. Sims, what is your emergency?" "How do you know my name?" I ask. "When the light goes out, it shows your name." the voice on the other side of the phone replied. Ok, that is weird I think to myself. "I have just been robbed and shot." "How bad is it?" he asked, not at all surprised. "Pretty bad!" "There is a big hole in my chest and blood is soaking the floor all around me."

"Are you alone?" he asks again. What's with all the questions, I wonder to myself."Oh God, help me!" I exclaim. "Oh augh lord it hurts." "yeah, I am." It is a struggle to answer him, the blood is spilling into my lungs and I can hear the gurgling sounds as I struggle to breathe. "Mr. Sims, stay with me." I can hardly hear him. "We have someone on the way, just hold on." Now he seems to be more involved with my situation. It is getting dark around the edges, but the center is bright and the colors are vivid. I can hardly move and breathing is a struggle. The blood is seeping out the corners of my mouth and joining with the larger pool on my chest.

"Have you been a good man?" the voice asks. What does that matter?, I ask myself. I carry the conversation on to myself, I don't beat my wife and animals and I pay my taxes. Does that count for anything? "Yeah, I think so" I answer out loud. "Do you give to the poor?" Again, what's with all the questions, I wonder as the pain gets stronger. "Some times", I gurgle out. As the blood loss makes me weaker, I hear, "Are you worthy of help?" At this, I hear another voice on the line say, "This one belongs to Me, go get him and bring him home."

I do not hear the front door alarm go off, but I see the attendants come in dressed all in white. They reach under my armpits and lift me to my feet and walk me to the chariot. It is powered by two white steeds. The pain is gone and I have never felt so alive in my life. As the horses take off, it does not bother me that we are rising off the ground, I can see the river Jordan in the distance and familiar faces on the other side. There is grandpa and grannie with dad in front. What a glorious sight. There are two children, brothers that died before birth, this is going to be great.

"How did you find him, Jeff?" Eddie asked. "I was finishing my shift and on my way home, I saw the shop door open and that is unusual for this time of day." "So I decided to stop and look around." "As soon as I found him, I radioed dispatch." Jeff declared. "Thats too bad, he never knew what hit him." "The sad thing is that when he hit the wall, it tore the phone line out. If he had just been able to call someone, he may still be alive." Eddie said. "Yeah, but the way he is smiling, maybe he did connect with someone", Jeff said hopefully.

Evil Arrives

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Off in the vast distance, the cool blue planet could be seen against the darkness of space. As the large ship approached, the land masses became more apparent. The sensors could pick up the fact that it was a young planet and life had only just begun. It was a virtual garden of Eden with not even a hint of pollution. Green and lush with just enough mist in the air to catch the sun's yellow rays and turn it into a million rainbow prisms in every direction.

The crew was excited about finding a safe haven. They had been cooped up in the ship for a long time and were becoming restless. Cabin fever was beginning to make it's way into the large ship. Suez, the first mate, and his crew were intelligent beings, but something was missing. They had no problem running the ship and carrying on everyday tasks. Being functional was more than enough to survive and even thrive. There was a glum and depressed feeling on the ship and Suez could not put his finger on what was wrong.

All that took a back seat as the ship entered the atmosphere. There was a slight shudder under his feet and then everything was smooth again. None of the scanners picked up any life forms. That was strange, for just a few hours ago in space, there had been a few to show up on the long range scanner. Perhaps they were on the other side of the planet. They can look for them tomorrow. Now is a good time to land and let everyone off. A few hours of solid dirt under their feet should lift everyones spirits.

Captain Natas was absolutely exhillerated to be going down the ramp. He had put his favorite, Sedah, in charge while he was off on this adventure. They had been in these situations before and looked as if they were going to have a grand old time. Now that the ship had come to a stop, that old nagging feeling was coming back. Suez just wished that he could remember what was bothering him. He felt that if he followed the captain, it just might come back to him.

Natas had been around from the beginning of time. Even though he was advanced in age he, as with all immortals, looked as if he were in his thirties. His energy was boundless also. He walked tirelessly through the night. Not once did he stop to rest. As he walked, the ground gave way to a smooth footpath in front of him. Suez could tell that Natas knew that he was following him, but he did not seem to care. It was as if he wanted someone watching him at times, just like an actor on a stage.

As the sun came up in the east you could see that this planet was indeed the garden of eden. The golden rays of the sun covered everything with their warm yellow light. All that wonderful forest, as far as you could see, with not a building in sight. This was a pristine wilderness that had not been spoiled by any civilization.

As he came to a spectacular clearing, with a beautiful tree standing all alone in the center, Natas stopped. He studied the terrain and found a small bush off to the side. It was no surprise to Suez when Natas changed his shape to that of a serpent. He was a master of illusion and had taken many forms over time. Suez could see that he was waiting for something and it soon became apparent what that was. A man and woman walked out of the forest into the clearing. Neither was clothed, but it did not seem to bother them. The man stayed behind to look at some new plants that had just come up. The woman continued on to the tree in the center of the clearing. As she gazed intently at the fruit, Natas allowed himself to be seen by the woman. Suez was too far away to hear the conversation, but he could see Natas charming the female. She was intrigued by the fruit and he took his tail and gently pushed it over to her and smiled, showing his beautiful white fangs. The smile was big and bright, but the eyes were cold and dark. she was so entralled by his smile and her desire for the fruit, she did not see the dead soul behind the eyes. As she timidly put the fruit to her mouth and took a small bite, her demeanor changed. No longer was she a shy timid innocent. She became a hard mature worldly woman in an instant.

At the moment of the bite, the man stood up straight, with a start. He knew that something had been changed forever. He rushed over to the woman, wildly thrashing about and waving his arms. After he calmed down a bit then she offered the fruit to him. He reluctantly bit into the fruit. At that moment lightening flashed thunder rolled and the sky grew dark as night. Innocence was broken and dissappeared like water upon the sand. It would never be the same. They looked at each other and knew that they were naked. As they looked for something to cover up with, Natas slithered away. Suez could tell that he was delirous with joy. He was a proud being, full of himself.

As Natas rushed back to the ship, suez could hardly keep up with him. Suez had seen him excited before, but never this pumped up. The closer to the ship, the more that Suez remembered. He had followed Natas blindly. Even though he was immortal, he was not immune to the charm and deception of Natas. Natas had convinced him and thousands of others to follow him in a revolt. Natas was so much in love with himself that he felt that he was above all. Even though he was created, he felt as if he were the creator and craved the power and glory. He was sent to this planet as an exile from the heavens. He had not accepted that he had been defeated and wanted to continue the war here.

Dog Tired

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Look at these two shepherds.  They played all day yesterday while i worked on the pond.  They chased every animal on the place.  Starbuck did get a whipping for chasing the horses and he did not like it.  They did not bark at all last night and this is where I found them this morning.


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     Starbuck is a Checzoslavakian Shepherd, with K-9 in his bloodline.  Minds better than any dog I have ever had.  When I clear out an area on the place here, I pile the brush and limbs where they can dry out.  After a few months I will burn the pile and clean it up.  In the meantime, rats and chipmunks make their burrows and nests in there.  Starbuck and Dakota have a grand time digging up and chasing the varmits.  In the ditch beside the last pile, the dirt is soft and red.  Starbuck is black, but after about 5 minutes he is red with dirt.  As a result of digging  and swimming in the ponds every day, he gets eye infections.  To treat this, Sheila gives him eye drops with a dropper.  He hates this with a passion.  When she comes around with the dropper in her hand he heads the other way.

     Always a very loving and happy dog, he runs to greet you everytime you come outside.  One day I had them out of the pen in the front yard, and Sheila came out into the garage.  Starbuck heard her and ran to meet her.  The garage floor is polished concrete and very slick, especially when you have long nails on your paws.  When she lifted her hand, he got a look at the dropper.  Well, he tried to stop, but the floor was to slick, and he had to much speed built up.  When he saw that he could not stop in time, he dropped his butt to the floor to stop.  Well, that worked out very well, because when he did stop he was at Sheila's feet on his butt, sitting with his head up looking at her with wide open eyes.  That was the easiest time she ever had of treating his eyes.  He did not learn his lesson, though, because he still runs up to us at breakneck speed just to say hello.

German Shepherds

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  2. This is Starbuck and Dakota, our two German Shepherds.  Starbuck is a male and Dakota, the one in the back is a female.